Carpet Tile Flooring

Commercial Carpet Tile Flooring for the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Jamestown & Olean, NY Areas

Carpet tile is a popular flooring choice today in businesses throughout Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas, including Niagara Falls, Jamestown, and Olean. As the name implies, carpet tiles are squares of carpet that fit together. They are also sometimes referred to as modular carpet or carpet squares and come in a variety of size options.

Carpet tiles are a stylish and unique alternative to standard wall to wall carpets and are the perfect solution for offices, industrial spaces, and commercial settings. From hospitals and airports to conference rooms and lobbies, commercial carpet tiles offer countless benefits to potentially any space.

Commercial carpet tiles are built to withstand and endure heavy foot traffic and wear, providing a long lasting flooring solution. For more information about our flooring solutions, get in touch with us today!

Advantages of Carpet Tile

Durability – Carpet tile is much more durable than any other carpeting material. With its advanced stain protection, you don’t have to worry about surface stains. If a stain does make way to your carpet, a single tile can be replaced at a much more affordable price, since only the affected area has to be removed.

Customization – We can install your carpet tiles in any order of your choosing. The color patterns and design options are endless.

Water Resistance – Wet shoes from rain or snow are inevitable in Buffalo. Our carpet tiles are resistant to water; therefore, they can handle a reasonable amount of water tracked in from people’s shoes.

Easy to Replace - If one of the tiles is stained or damaged, it is as easy as removing those individual tiles and replacing them. There is no need to replace an entire carpet when you can simply replace a single tile!

Indoor Air Quality - Clients who often prefer hard flooring surfaces are quite open to the idea of carpet tile as a less expensive and warmer alternative. Since carpet tiles are generally flatter and low pile, they trap less dirt and are better for indoor air quality.